2019 nearing the end

Lizanda, here are four reasons to love our beloved country!
October 8, 2019
Holiday Greetings
December 10, 2019

This year began on a rocky footing and the economy has made it a tough year for many, but we have been seeing a gradual improvement with speeches, legislative changes and political decisions all being made to support small business in our country.

We’ve also chatted a lot about the powerful role a positive attitude and mindset play in our success, and the RWC win is a stirring reminder of this! Seeing our team tour the streets and the camaraderie of our communities is a solid statement that the best is yet to come!

With a few weeks left to go, 2019 still holds many happy memories ahead. Remember, the more time we can spend talking and engaging with our loved ones, the more we can share our wisdom, learn and create relationships that build a happier future for us all.


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