Lizanda, are you running on empty?

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June 26, 2019
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October 8, 2019

Dear Lizanda

Many of us know the concept of ‘running on empty’ when it comes to our car and filling it up (or not…) with fuel. The oscillating fuel prices over the last decade have made us acutely aware of how much we’re putting in as this high-demand liquid seriously impacts the liquidity of our bank account.

What we’re often far less aware of is how, in our personal lives, we are often running on empty too. Whilst it’s risky to run your car on empty, it’s quite easy (if you have the money…) to fill up. But when it comes to our personal lives, it requires a lot more from us, it’s not just a 5-minute detour.

Many people complain about their situation without doing anything about it. Their frustration often stem from life situations that are leaving them feeling unfulfilled and depleted (they’re running on empty), and this won’t change by itself.

Change, in these situations, requires three key things:

1. The genuine desire to change how you think about your situation
2. A plan or process to move out of your current situation and into a healthier one
3. A partner, coach or mentor to walk the journey with you and keep you on track

If you feel like you’re running on empty, perhaps it’s time to change your situation. If someone close to you is feeling this way – maybe you can be the person who helps them on the journey of change.

But remember – change doesn’t start from the outside, it begins on the inside!

Best regards
Dave Fisher

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