Lizanda, here are four reasons to love our beloved country!

Lizanda, are you running on empty?
October 8, 2019
2019 nearing the end
November 27, 2019

Dear Lizanda

If our conversations with our friends, family and colleagues are running along similar veins, it’s likely that you’ve heard many arguments from trained and educated people wanting to leave South Africa as soon as they can. These conversations are mostly peppered with negativity to support the choice to find greener pastures on the other side of the ocean.

But – it’s not all negative! Here are four reasons to be encouraged that the choice to stay put also has its benefits… (read the blog for the full write-up)

1. Visitors are liking our vibe – tourism was up in April
2. Exports are excellent – exports jumped more than 8% in May
3. No rate cuts – it’s easier for us to spend and borrow from institutions
4. Best of all? The economy is perking up

Being positive is all about how we approach life; if you need to have better conversations about your choices then let’s make a plan to meet up!

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