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There were few places to hide in the poor market performance of 2018
March 4, 2019
cooking up a storm this winter?
June 26, 2019

The trails near to where we live are a scurry of squirrels, birds and other wildlife all noticing the changes in the seasons and making preparations (caring for themselves) for the colder months ahead.

It’s a reminder that the circles and patterns in life help us plan, but they also bring us comfort. There is a fear in the unknown, but when we can start to recognise patterns and plan accordingly, it brings a deeper sense of peace and security. When you next have the opportunity to explore the natural world around you, perhaps take a moment to be mindful of the way that nature ‘has a way’ and that even the tiniest of creatures has a place and a role to play.

In one of the most recent blogs we have looked at a quarterly mindfulness audit – prioritising our state of mind, not just the state of our finances, business and balance sheets. Time and money are important resources, but they mean nothing without the capacity to use them wisely.

How well are you feeding your body? How well are you feeding your mind? Are you getting enough sleep and exercise for a healthy life? In short, are you adequately maintaining the asset that is you – how are you caring for yourself?

As the second quarter of 2019 presents opportunities, make sure you’re in a great state of mind to grab them with both hands!

Best regards
Dave Fisher

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