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2019 nearing the end
November 27, 2019
Who are you talking to about COVID19?
February 3, 2020

Thank you for your contribution to my life and business this year! I am aware of how hard this year has been for so many and I am especially grateful for the lessons learnt and the milestones celebrated. Before we head into the final weeks of 2019, I want to leave you with these thoughts.

Not everyone gets to take considerable time-off over these next few weeks, but even if yours is as short as a day or three, here are my gifts to you:

1. Slow down
It’s easy to rush and take each day at break-neck speed. If we don’t intentionally slow down, we will look back from December 31st and see only a blur. Have the courage to say no to things that are not high on your priority list and take time to appreciate the people who are high on that list.

2. Force tech time-outs
With your out-of-office in place, update your Whatsapp status to say the same. Limiting the distractions of technology by forcing some tech time-outs will help you slow down. Look at the people in the room with you, appreciate the view you have and relish the freedom to shut your eyes for a completely impractical and unobjectionable nap.

3. Hug lots and hug often
Do away with handshakes this season – hug everyone! Nothing reinforces that human presence and appreciation like a silent hug. Physically appreciate those dear to you and make the most of your festive season.

I wish you a safe and happy end to 2019 and look forward to growing with you in 20-plenty!

Best regards
Dave Fisher

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